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Find Your Sacred Self-Care RitualBy: Evy Fung on 24/11/2020

Let’s talk about YOU. Particularly building your very own self–care ritual that may tweak or evolve over time but, that will always be sacred and uniquely YOU.

Sacred Self–Care Ritual

When I think about the sacred self-care ritual, TIME comes up! How do you spend your time? Is there enough time in your schedule for you? From exploring the depths of you to clearing out your emails, we can all get tied up, especially when working from home.

Spend More Time on Yourself

How does one spend more time on themselves? Let’s try something right now! Take out a journal.

  1. Write down what’s important to you.
  2. What do you need?
  3. What do you want to invest more time in?
  4. How can you build in 15 –20 minutes a day? - Would it look like waking up a little earlier or taking a walk to clear  your mind?
spend more time on yourself

Shifting your time helps. Digging into what’s critical for your life and being proactive about showing up for those things will emerge into a ritual. Once you start, miracles will surface!

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