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Consumer Convenience vs. Sustainability – Sanitizer wipesBy: Evy Fung on 17/11/2020

Did you know that sanitizer wipes are loading up the landfills? It's convenient yet toxic to the earth. The wipe contains plastic fibers and poses a danger to animals that mistake plastic bags and wipes for their natural jellyfish prey. Wipes cause issues for sewage and can overflow into rivers and the ocean.

Since wipes are not recyclable and just like plastic, it does not break down. We must find alternatives. Below is the recipe to a DIY sustainable, homemade cleaning wipes solution.

Please note: the lemon peel version will need 10–14 days to infuse in a lid jar and then to be strained.


  • 1–2 Large quart–sized container with tight–fitting lid and/or a reusable spray bottle
  • Cloths (try 2 old t–shirts, trace as many 8 x 8 inch squares and cut up)
  • 1 1/2 cup distilled water
  • 1 tbsp castile soap –or– 2 lemons peels, small bunch of fresh thyme sprigs, 2 cups distilled white vinegar (the lemon peel version will need 10–14 days to infuse in a lid jar and then to be strained)
  • 20–25 drops essential oil (optional, but not necessary; antibacterial options include tea tree, thyme, and rosemary or some fun aromatherapy options include: lavender, lemon or orange)


If using Castile Soap:

  1. Add the water and soap to the container and stir.
  2. Add essential oils, if using and stir to combine.
  3. Add the cut–up cloth into the container, and press down to soak up all the solution.
  4. Cover the container, and flip it upside down to ensure all cloths are moistened.
  5. Use as needed for quick cleanups!

If you've waited 10–14 days, for the Lemon Peel version:

  1. Strain out the lemon peel and thyme and collect the liquid within another large quart container.
  2. Add essential oils and add the cut–up cloths into the solution.
  3. Cover the container and shake. Voila!

Notes: Store used wipes in an open container or basket until laundry day, then wash as usual.

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