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Patience Transcript

[Bell Rings]
We welcome the energy of patience in our life with affirmation and presence we sit together to connect to that light
Take a big inhalation, in through the nose
and exhale as far as it needs to go
Take another big inhalation, feeling your lungs, feeling your chest rise
and exhale as far as that needs to go
Continue to breathe with intention
intentions and nurture your body
and when you're ready, you can close your eyes and let go of any baggage
Fully immerse yourself in the present moment
Open your heart to patience with a knowingness that any aversion that comes up is trying to shift the problem away from a learning opportunity
Embrace your life, be okay to let this be what it is for now
Be patient
Have faith that every need will be met and let the universe unwind its magic
When you're ready, you can open your eyes.

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